Post-doc fellowship

We are looking for a post-doc to co-write and submit a proposal for a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant (and/or other post-doc grants e.g. the NWO Rubicon, etc.) on the topic of Incentivized Organ Donations (allowing payments for organs). The aim of this project is to design a randomized survey and choice experiment to explore the nature of preferences of Europeans toward paying/rewarding organ donors.

The (prospective) post-doc must have a demonstrable track record of quantitative research methods (statistical analysis, randomized surveys, incentivized choice experiments, etc). This project will be conducted in collaboration with the Medical Ethics Department of Erasmus MC and with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (Washington D.C.). The employment of the post-doc is contingent on the awarding of the grant. In case of a successful grant application, the post-doc will be employed by Erasmus MC.

Submission deadlines for the fellowships are expected throughout 2023.

Interested and eligible candidates can send an e-mail to Eligibility criteria and other information about Marie Curie Fellowships can be found here. Information about the NWO Rubicon Fellowship can be found here.