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Internships and paid research positions

We welcome enthusiastic and talented BA -and MA student-interns, PhD students and post-docs to join our team on a continuing basis.

Unless communicated otherwise, prospective interns must have a clear idea of the subject they want to work on before reaching out about internship positions. They must demonstrate having knowledge about their intended research topic and the gaps they wish to cover as part of their BA or MA thesis. Internship positions are unpaid.

Prospective PhD students and post-docs must have a creative and innovative research idea and must be willing to co-author proposals for funding to cover their own salary and research costs. Funding opportunities can be explored together with the PI (on behalf of Erasmus MC Transplant Institute) with organisations such as the European Commission (e.g. Marie Curie Fellowships), Dutch Research Council (NWO; e.g. Rubicon, Mozaiek 2.0), AXA, Branco Weiss Foundation, etc.

For enquiries, please send an email with your CV, your motivation and a short description of your research idea.